Welcome to the Unofficial Guided Tour of Graceland.  Your guide for today will be, me!   You're in luck, because it looks like there's no one else on this tour, but YOU, so let's hurry up inside before other visitors join us.   :-)   Before you enter, can you tell me what year Elvis purchased Graceland?  If you said 1957, you are CORRECT!

Here are the stairs you see when you enter the house.

Here's the living room.  When you're in the foyer, it's on the right.  One of the cool things about this room is the 15 foot white custom sofa in it.  It's on the right side.  Another cool thing is the stained glass at the entrance of the music room.  You can see the baby grand piano there. 

Let's move on to the dining room, shall we?  When you're in the foyer, the dining room is to the left.  Elvis' pals would join him for dinner from time to time and during Christmas the main Christmas tree was here.  Look at how beautiful the curtains and chandelier are!

Are you hungry?  I sure am!  Oh look, we're at the kitchen.  Sorry, but we can't have a bite to eat here.  The cool thing about this kitchen is that the appliances are from Elvis' time.  You can even see the dishes from back then in the cabinets, too.  If you look in the back, you can also see a TV from back then. 

The next stop is the Jungle Room.  Two of the cool things about this room are that it has a waterfall and Elvis recorded 2 albums in this room.  The shag carpeting on the ceiling and floor made for a great recording atmosphere.   This room is furnished with wood carved furniture.

Let's head downstairs.  Here's the TV room.  The colors are navy blue, white, and yellow.  In this room you'll find a few TV sets, a jukebox, a big couch with a lot of pillows, and a yellow bar with stools.  Elvis liked to watch more than one program at a time, so that's why the need for more than one TV in this room.  He loved to watch football, among other things.

Also downstairs is the pool room.  One of the cool things about the pool table is it wasn't replaced after someone kind of messed up their shot.  The light above the pool table also has a small piece missing from it.  There's lots of fabric in this room, huh?  The walls and ceiling match.

It's time to head on over to Vernon Presley's office. Vernon handled the business part of Elvis' career here.  He loved to save things, including things like receipts.  If you sent Elvis a fan letter, chances are you could find it in this room.

The next stop on the tour is the trophy room.  This is an amazing room because not only are there a ton of gold and platinum records, but  you can also see jumpsuits, costumes, guitars, movie scripts, jewelry, photos, etc.. It's 80 feet long.

Here comes the sad part of the tour.  This is the area outside the racketball court.  Elvis played racketball just a few hours before he passed away.  He had the racketball building built in 1975 and you'll notice the pinball machines in this area.  An interesting tidbit about them is that they were rigged so that the first game played always won.  Elvis always played the first game.  :-)

Here's the last leg, and saddest part, of the tour.  Elvis, along with his mom, dad, and grandmother are all buried here. There's also a small marker for his stillborn brother, Jesse Garon.  He was originally buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, but his grave was moved here. 

Hope you enjoyed the tour!  Come back any time.