'68 Comeback Special

This is my favorite out of all of the concert specials. 

1968 was special not only because it was the year Lisa Marie was born, but it was also the year that he had his first live concert in more than seven years.  The 60's, for Elvis, had been dominated by a string of movies that he felt had similar storylines and didn't really require strong acting shops.  He also wasn't too happy with some of the songs that he had to sing in those movies, although to me, they were still enjoyable just because Elvis sang them.

His career needed a boost in a big way and the '68 Comeback Special did the trick. On December 3, 1968 he let everyone know he meant business.  It didn't hurt that his voice sounded absolutely AMAZING singing the oldies, he looked AMAZING in his black leather outfit, and there was such a MESMERIZING atmosphere during the entire special. 

You couldn't take your eyes off him when he was sitting down jamming with "the boys" or standing up singing to the small arena.  He was funny, raw, natural, and displayed a huge amount of talent.  The cherry on the sundae was his "If I Can Dream" performance. 

That's The Way It Is

This documentary was filmed in Las Vegas in 1970.  What I loved about it was not only did it have some amazing performances from Elvis on stage, but it also showed some behind the scenes rehearsals.  Those who are curious about what Elvis was like in rehearsals will love That's the Way It Is!   

Some of my favorite parts of the rehearsals are "Mary in the Morning," "Words," "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me," and "I Was the One."  I love how at ease Elvis is in during the rehearsals and even when Elvis messes up during a take the take is still very enjoyable to listen to.

Elvis looked and sounded so amazing in 1970.  His onstage performances in this documentary are out of this world, and the amount of energy he has onstage is unbelievable.  Whether he's giving kisses, singing his heart out on "I Can't Stop Loving You," or showing his humor in the "4 mike" bit -- he has a command of the stage at all times.  I'm sure the ladies in the crowd thought he could've given a few more kisses, though.

Aloha from Hawaii

It was 1973 when Elvis took the stage for this televised concert from Hawaii.  One of the special things about this concert was that it was the first concert to be televised across the  globe via satellite.  Elvis had a special love for Hawaii and 2 of his movies even had the word "Hawaii" in its title. 

Of course, this isn't the same Elvis who rocked out in his black leather outfit in the 68 Comeback Special, but it is an Elvis who's voice has matured and who still wowed his fans with an AMAZING vocal range.  The band, as usual, also sounded really good.  I loved
hearing him sing "What Now My Love," "Burning Love," "American Trilogy," and "Suspicious Minds," among other songs.  Incidentally, the jumpsuit that he wore during this concert is one of my favorites.