Fun in Acapulco

This movie was made in 1963 and it's interesting to see him as a former circus perfomer who's afraid of heights.  I love when Elvis acts with kids, and his interactions with Raoul were  fun to watch.  I also liked his interactions with Dolores and Moreno.  To be honest, Ursula wouldn't have been my choice for leading lady in this movie, but don't tell her you heard that from me.  I remember reading somewhere that Elvis thought her shoulders were bigger than his or something like that. 

This movie had humor, romance, beautiful locations, and a shirtless Elvis.  Two of my favorite songs are "Marguerita" and "Bullfighter Was a Lady."  It's interesting to note that Elvis' scenes were actually filmed in Hollywood.

Wild in the Country

This movie was made in the early 60's and it's one of Elvis' longer movies.  I loved his acting in this movie and I thought he had great chemistry with Tuesday Weld.  His interactions with Hope Lange were also interesting to watch, and It's too bad Elvis didn't get to make more movies like this one.  It actually didn't grab me right away, but by 10 minutes into it I couldn't stop watching it, and immediately replayed the dvd once I was finished with it. 

Even though there weren't any big production numbers like in Viva Las Vegas, I still thought the story had more than enough meat to engage the viewer.  The "drunk scene" was hilarious and I loved when he was sitting on the steps with


I know that some people may not like this movie, but I found the carnival atmosphere to be very entertaining .  There's songs galore, a great performance by the legendary Barbara Stanwyck, Elvis in black leather, and an interesting story. 

As opposed to Harum Scarum, I didn't find myself fastforwarding through one part of this movie.  I went into this movie thinking I wasn't going to like it, but boy was I wrong.  His female lead wasn't my favorite out of all his female leads, but this IS an Elvis movie, so I'm watching it more for Elvis anyway.  One of my favorite parts is the "Little Egypt" song.

Live a Little, Love a Little

This was one of Elvis' last movies, and has more spice to it than some of his other flicks.  I loved seeing Elvis juggle two jobs and the interactions he had with Michelle Carey.  This movie was genuinely funny, and there's a real "60's vibe" to it.  There aren't too many songs, but I was entertained by the story.  The shower scene and "Edge of Reality" are two of my favorite parts of the movie.