Elvis came on the scene in the 50's and the music scene has never been the same since.  He recorded a variety of songs from ballads to rockin' tunes to spirituals to movie songs, etc..  He gave his all in everything he sang and his body of work in the 50's is a great start to an amazing career! 

He performed on the Dorsey Brothers Stage Show, The Milton Berle Show, the Ed Sullivan Show, and the Steve Allen Show during the 50's. 

Some of my favorites from this decade are Jailhouse Rock, Blue
Moon, Trying to Get to You, Money Honey, Love Me Tender, I Got Stung, and Don'cha Think It's Time.


Elvis did record a lot of movie songs in the 60's, but he also recorded some beautiful ballads, gospels, and experimented with some interesting sounds in the latter part of the decade, like "Suspicious Minds" and "In the Ghetto."  Some people may say that after the army his music wasn't as good, but I beg to differ.  I loved how we went from a song like "Stuck on You" at the beginning of the decade to a song like "Down in the Alley" in the latter part of the decade.  He sounded amazing on both songs.

His 68 Comeback Special is probably the most known performance during the 60's, but another performance he did was with Frank Sinatra after he came back from the army.  He also performed in Vegas in 1969, and would continue doing concerts into the 70's.

Some of my favorites from this decade are "
Can't Help Falling in Love," Little Egypt, Singing Tree," "Girl Next Door Went A'walking," "Surrender," "Sentimental Me," "His Latest Flame," "Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello," "Inherit the Wind," "My Little Friend," "You'll Think of Me," "Fair is Moving On," and "Only the Strong Survive."