G.I. Blues

Elvis made this movie after he got out of the army and not only is he so charming in this movie, but I love the chemistry he has with Juliet Prowse.  This movie has humor, romance, Elvis in the shower, great songs, and beautiful locations.  The "Wooden Heart" sequence, the "Elvis with the baby" sequence,  and the "Frankfurt Special" sequence are 3 of my favorite parts in the movie.

Blue Hawaii

Elvis did 2 other movies in Hawaii, but this is my favorite movie out of the "Hawaiian trilogy," and my favorite movie of his in general.  Not only is the story entertaining, but the songs and locations are all beautiful.  Watching him sing "Can't Help Falling In Love" (one of my top 10 Elvis songs) and seeing his great chemistry with the beautiful Joan Blackman is an added bonus. 

Girl Happy

Elvis is in another warm location in this movie, and that can only mean more fun in the sun.  Three of the things I love about this movie are the humor, songs, and the great chemistry he has with Shelly Fabares.  Elvis definitely had his share of beautiful leading ladies, huh?  "Puppet on a string" and "Do Not Disturb" are two of my favorite songs from this movie.  Sure, it isn't the most dramatic or suspenseful movie out there, but it always puts a smile on my face every time I watch it.  It's just a great all-around beach movie.

Viva Las Vegas

This movie is probably more well known for the chemistry between the two leading stars than any other Elvis movie.  The chemistry between him and Ann Margaret was hotter than hot, and you could tell they had a great chemistry off screen.  This movie is full of charisma, great songs, witty banter, a colorful atmosphere, and an amazing duo.   Two scenes that stick out in my mind are the "champagne scene" and the "Lady Loves Me" song.  Sure, we've also seen Elvis involved with race cars in "Spinout," but this movie is more enjoyable, in my opinion.