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Welcome to my Elvis World, Won't You Come on In?

I've been a fan since I was about 4 or 5, thanks to my dad.  He loves Elvis and introduced me to his movies and music.  Even though I wasn't around when Elvis was alive, I still adore everything about him.  I actually think it would be awesome to have sang with him on stage, or to have starred in one of his movies with him.  

I love the 50's, 60's, AND 70's Elvis, but if I had to pick a favorite time period it would be late 60's to mid 70's.  He looked SO amazing and had such a strong voice during that time period.  On my site, you'll find all three decades represented.

So, pull up a hunka hunka burning love chair, take a love me tender breath, and enjoy browsing through some of my favorite Elvis movies, music, and images. You can also take a picture tour of  Graceland, check out some of my recommended Elvis books,  and get recipes for some of the foods Elvis ate while you're here, among other goodies.  Adam Lambert captured my heart, so check out my section on him, too.