I've never been to Graceland *sniff*, but I've always wanted to go.  I would love to go during Elvis Week, but I'm not sure if I'd want my first time to be with all of those people.  I know the tickets are probably more expensive during that week, but I also think it would be awesome to experience all of those Elvis festivities during my first trip there.  But, yet I would also like to experience the atmosphere there as much as I possibly can, and I don't know if having all of those people there would interfere with that. 

Do you see my problem?  Is it better to go the first time with not many or many people there?  I'm looking into tickets and I see that mid-June has some cheap fares.  I once entered a Sirius contest to win a trip there, and I'd like to think I was so close to winning.  :-) 

I guess I'll just have to look at my pop-up Graceland book in the mean time.... 

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