A deli on my way to work has temporarily added an "Elvis Sandwich" to their menu.  It's a roast beef sandwich and doesn't really have anything to do with Elvis.  They sometimes add sandwiches with "celebrity names" to their menu, and even though I'm not a big roast beef fan, I'm curious to try the sandwich. 

 I do wish they'd advertise the sandwich better, though.  They just have a yellow paper with the words "Elvis sandwich" taped to their window.  There isn't even a picture of him on the flyer, nor is the writing on the flyer that big.

I don't even think the owners of the deli are fans of Elvis, but they couldn't have picked a better person to name a sandwich after.  :-)  If someone was going to name a sandwich after me, I would insist it be grilled cheese or peanut butter and jelly.  I should be able to enjoy it too, right?  Those are my 2 favorite sandwiches. 

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