Hello fellow Elvis lovers!   When I thought about creating a web site, I immediately thought about creating one about Elvis.  There are SO MANY Elvis sites out there, so what could my site possibly add to the wealth of information out there about him?  Well, my site is just a site created out of love.  It doesn't claim to have all of the latest information, nor does it have some cool Easter Eggs found on any Elvis dvds.  Incidentally, if you know of any Easter Eggs, feel free to let me know.  :-)

I'm not the type of fan who spends $20,000 on a poem about a robin, but am the type who's always looking for his latest dvd, book, ftd, etc....  There are not enough pages on Google about him, in my humble opinion.  :-) 

So, what type of fan are you?  Do you HAVE TO HAVE the latest thing that comes about Elvis, or maybe you're the type of fan who  will spend a few grand on an article of clothing of his?