I got the new "Standing Room Only" FTD in the mail today.  *squeal*  Even though I'm more interested in the outtakes on the 2nd cd, I will still wear out both cds.  :-)  I've already heard the songs on the 1st cd before, but you can never really hear them enough times.  I'm stoked to hear outtakes of one of my faves, "Always on My Mind."  The booklet that came with this FTD has some nice pix. 


I've never been to Graceland *sniff*, but I've always wanted to go.  I would love to go during Elvis Week, but I'm not sure if I'd want my first time to be with all of those people.  I know the tickets are probably more expensive during that week, but I also think it would be awesome to experience all of those Elvis festivities during my first trip there.  But, yet I would also like to experience the atmosphere there as much as I possibly can, and I don't know if having all of those people there would interfere with that. 

Do you see my problem?  Is it better to go the first time with not many or many people there?  I'm looking into tickets and I see that mid-June has some cheap fares.  I once entered a Sirius contest to win a trip there, and I'd like to think I was so close to winning.  :-) 

I guess I'll just have to look at my pop-up Graceland book in the mean time.... 


A deli on my way to work has temporarily added an "Elvis Sandwich" to their menu.  It's a roast beef sandwich and doesn't really have anything to do with Elvis.  They sometimes add sandwiches with "celebrity names" to their menu, and even though I'm not a big roast beef fan, I'm curious to try the sandwich. 

 I do wish they'd advertise the sandwich better, though.  They just have a yellow paper with the words "Elvis sandwich" taped to their window.  There isn't even a picture of him on the flyer, nor is the writing on the flyer that big.

I don't even think the owners of the deli are fans of Elvis, but they couldn't have picked a better person to name a sandwich after.  :-)  If someone was going to name a sandwich after me, I would insist it be grilled cheese or peanut butter and jelly.  I should be able to enjoy it too, right?  Those are my 2 favorite sandwiches. 


Right now I'm listening to the Blue Hawaii FTD.  Blue Hawaii is one of my favorite movies, so I had to have the FTD.  I love that I can hear the whole album and the outtakes.  I don't have all of the movie FTD's, but two of my favorites are Spinout and Viva Las Vegas.  I love hearing Elvis having fun and stopping a take to say something.  While I wouldn't say I enjoy every single song on the Blue Hawaii FTD, I do enjoy the whole vibe on it.  I hope the Jailhouse Rock FTD comes out this year.





I was so happy to see "Roustabout" on TCM yesterday and I was also happy to see "Fun in Acapulco" on the other day.  Even though I've watched both of those movies countless times on DVD, I still watch them (or any Elvis movie, for that matter) when they come on TV.  Another movie I'm like that with is "Back to the Future."  I've seen it about a million times and own 2 copies of it on DVD, but I still watch it when it comes on TV.

It's too bad TCM doesn't have an "Elvis movie day" every week. 

Do you still watch Elvis movies on TV even though you have them on DVD? 


 Hello fellow Elvis lovers!   When I thought about creating a web site, I immediately thought about creating one about Elvis.  There are SO MANY Elvis sites out there, so what could my site possibly add to the wealth of information out there about him?  Well, my site is just a site created out of love.  It doesn't claim to have all of the latest information, nor does it have some cool Easter Eggs found on any Elvis dvds.  Incidentally, if you know of any Easter Eggs, feel free to let me know.  :-)

I'm not the type of fan who spends $20,000 on a poem about a robin, but am the type who's always looking for his latest dvd, book, ftd, etc....  There are not enough pages on Google about him, in my humble opinion.  :-) 

So, what type of fan are you?  Do you HAVE TO HAVE the latest thing that comes about Elvis, or maybe you're the type of fan who  will spend a few grand on an article of clothing of his? 

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